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Snoqualmie Valley Honey Farm

Our family-owned apiary, started in 1975, is located in the scenic foothills of the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle.  While our farm is not open to the public, you can purchase our many varieties of honey by mail or prepaid curbside pickup.

We ship! We don\\\'t have a farm outlet but will be happy to ship to you. You can also order and prepay by credit card or Paypal and pick up curbside at our North Bend farm. Just call or email to arrange.


Phone or e-mail us, and we can easily put together a credit card or Paypal order.  Shipping and handling fees are based on weight and distance, and are calculated at the time of shipping.  To prepay by check or Paypal ask us for shipping charges.  We can ship up to 6 fifteen oz. jars, 12 six oz. jars, or two 3 lb. jars for  $15.00 nationwide or $9.00 locally in flat rate boxes, subject to change if rates go up. We can also ship by UPS or Fedex. Curbside pickup is available 
Please visit the cream and liquid honey flavor page to decide on your flavors! Also ask us about Totally Raw, Never Heated honey.


Bees in blossoms
Washington Cascades
Our products:
Cream and liquid honeys are shipped in multiples of four or six 6 oz. or 15 oz.  jars, in any combination of cream and liquid.  They make great gifts.
6 oz. Jar, cream or liquid, $6.00 each plus shipping.
15 oz. Jar, cream or liquid, $12 each  plus shipping. 
3 lb. Jar in  liquids $30.Cinnamon and Natural Whipped, $30 plus shipping. 3 lb. Fireweed $40

Half gallon, gallon, and 2 gallon sizes available in Wild Blackberry,  Wildflower, and Clover.

STRAW PACKS -- 25 Flavored  Honey-filled Straws, $5.00 plus shipping

Bee pollen: 6 oz. $15, 24 oz. $50

Royal Jelly Healing Balm:  1 oz. $5, in Unscented, Lavender, Rose, Coconut, Milk and Honey, and Lemon.


   We also have delicious wildflower  honeycomb in 1 lb. chunks, in shipable boxes at $25. Totally Raw honey is available in 1 lb. at $12 and 4 lb. at $40. Ask about available varieties.



Snoqualmie Valley Honey Farm

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